Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving Backwards

I cannot believe this but I actually uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.2 and I am reinstalling version 9.0 because with the newest update (9.2), Mandy is unable to open a chapter from her online textbook. Just last week she used the older version and it worked just fine but now, after the update, it appears to be incompatible. Thanks a lot Adobe!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogging from the iPhone

So this is exciting. Now I can blog from my iPhone ('cause we all know how good I am about blogging on a regular basis). Maybe I'll do better with it always at my fingertips. Keep your fingers crossed . . . if you even care.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

One Thumb Down - Gas station attendant who continued to fill up my tank without asking me and therefore costing me more money. When the gas stops flowing and you hear it shut off that means it's done pumping! They have installed a mechanism to stop the flow of gas on purpose otherwise the tank becomes flooded. Next time, why don't you just ask me if I'd like it topped off before assuming so and stealing yet more of my money.

Two Thumbs Down - Lady in front of me who clearly can't read a traffic sign three feet away from you. When the sign shows a Left Turn Arrow being crossed out that means NO LEFT TURNS you moron! Why then, did you sit there with your left blinker on waiting for everyone else to let you in?! Despite the fact that you were holding up traffic AND there was too much traffic in the direction you wanted to turn, it wasn't a legal turn! Next time why don't you pay attention to your surroundings and just turn right!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Okay so can anybody tell me what happened to the month of May? I can't believe it is already June. In just two short days my big sister is getting married, in 9 days I graduate from SOU, and in 26 days I turn 24. Busy, busy month we have here. I have a feeling it's going to go by even faster than May.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farewell College, Hello Life

So I realized that it is that time of year already. Yeah you got it right, it's time to register for the Fall 2009 term. I came to this realization because Mandy is currently looking up classes. Alas, I need not worry about this since I am graduating in less than a month. YIKES!! I find myself feeling somewhat like a fish out of water: I have become quite accustomed to registering for yet another term of classes that will send me farther into that black hole which is called debt, while also settling for yet another summer job but no, not this year. Now I find myself submitting my resume for jobs that will (crossing fingers. . . toes if possible) hopefully become my source of livelihood from here on out. Again I say YIKES!!

I must say however, that I will not soon miss exams. No, those I can do without. So to all of my fellow graduates out there, who have absolutely no clue how their new and very expensive piece of paper will help them, here's to happy hunting. May finding a job be far less elusive than the passing grade you needed in Biology class just so you could take Behavioral Neuroscience only to find that Biology was a waste of time and money. . . as you knew it would be in the first place.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zach: 1 Movie Theaters: 0

I love going to the cheap movie theaters! Mandy and I are going to see Monsters vs. Aliens this afternoon for the matinee price of $2.50 per ticket and yes you did the math correctly, that's only $5.00 for two people! I also love cheating the system. Two boxes of candy, two candy bars, and two sodas for $5.99. This makes for a great movie experience for less than $11. If I'm not mistaken two regular priced tickets alone cost $14.50. I'd say I'm the winner today.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What to watch?

So Mandy and I want to watch a movie but I have so many that it gets hard to choose. Mandy suggested that since I have all of my movies in a spreadsheet that I use a random number generator. So off to to find out what to watch (keep in mind however that we have veto power).

#139 The Princess Bride (VETO by Me)
#147 Rocky IV (VETO by Mandy)
#58 Finding Neverland (VETO by both of us)
#175 Spiderman 3 (APPROVED)

Well, I'm off to watch Spiderman 3.